*Please click on the link below to read the intro letter  and to download the forms for this season. All players need the following forms on file, signed by parents.

*Parents-   we are looking for volunteers for the season, we need parents who are willing to score keep, time keep and film for the season, as well as help bring water and snacks to games. Our games are often back to back or have only short breaks in between and we need to keep their energy up and keep them hydrated. If we get lots of volunteers we will split them up between our games so no one is stuck bringing items for all games.

*Drivers needed: If you are willing to help drive players to any of our out of town trips we need to have a copy of your Declaration of Automobile Policy and driving record Type 3 non certified (cost $7.50) driving records can be purchased and printed from -  https://txapps.texas.gov/tolapp/txldrcdr/TXDPSLicenseeManager  - please do this ASAP, we are sure we will need drivers for all trips - this is a one time requirement - we will keep copies on file and will shred at the end of season. 

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MHS Bulldog Lacrosse