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MHS Bulldog Lacrosse 


Parents-   we are looking for volunteers for the season, we need parents who are willing to score keep, time keep and film for the season.

Parents- If you are willing to help drive players to any of our out of town trips we need to have a copy of your Declaration of Automobile Policy and driving record Type 3 non certified (cost $7.50) driving records can be purchased and printed from -  - please do this ASAP, we are sure we will need drivers for all trips - this is a one time requirement - we will keep copies on file and will shred at the end of season. 

Players- you will need to be passing in order to play, you need to turn in Progress Reports from each teacher (or a print our from Texas Gradebook) showing all of your current classes and current grades. This must be turned in the Monday of upcoming game weekend.

First progress report/ grade check will be due Monday February 29.

Players-  ALL players should have ordered their uniforms by now...we will go over the current list tomorrow and will be doing a number check this week.

Players should have ordered:

--New Players you need to order both purple and white sets

-- Returning players need to order white sets.

Players-Last call.... if you have not already done need to sign up for US Lacrosse Insurance ASAP - go to    - when prompted choose Texas and then find MHS Bulldog Lacrosse Club - cost is $35 for the year - you must have this to play . We will be doing a FINAL check this week!

Players- Make sure to look at the current schedule, it is pretty much set for the season. Also ALL players need to go to the team page and fill out requested forms. Please fill these out asap. We will post forms for all weekends soon!