Team Hotel Payment Info &  Link 

Other Aggieland Information - Schedules have not been released yet 

Please click on the link below to make your hotel reservation for Aggieland under our group block

Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott

Bulldogs Lacrosse

Check in : Friday, February 7, 2020

Check out: Sunday, February 9, 2020

Last Day to Book: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - DO NOT WAIT to make your reservation!!!

Group rate:

Courtyard Bryan College Station for 99 USD  per night with breakfast included.

For Double Queens (2 beds) or Single King (1 bed)

We need to know who needs a ride and who needs to share team rooms! We must know this information ASAP in order to determine shared room cost and how many volunteer drivers we need!

After we know that we will put up a link for parents to pay for shared team rooms and we will let you know who you are riding with. All team/shared room costs must be paid prior to leaving for Aggieland!

Also please note all players need to be available to leave on Friday! 

Players sharing rides will need to let us know the earliest they can leave - you must be flexible if you are riding with someone - some people may leave at lunch, some after school and spots in cars are limited - again be flexible!!

The last time gear and luggage can be loaded into the trailer will be Thursday Feb 6 after practice! Do not leave wallets, keys, contacts or contact solution, or any pertinent items in the trailer as it may arrive at a later time than you do!! 


Please download, print, fill out, sign and return waiver to your coaches - we have to turn in all forms as a group at Aggieland at check in. 

Players who are sharing rides and staying in team room will need to pay their portion of the room plus the travel fee that was explained in the first meeting. Travel fee helps the team reimburse drivers for a portion of their gas, and helps the team with times where players forget money, need help with emergency costs like (forgotten mouth guards) etc. that may arise from time to time, when their parents are not around to help with these issues.

Cost for Aggieland room and travel fee is $96 per person - $76 for room plus $20 travel fee. Please make sure to bring money for food and other costs that may occur during the weekend. Breakfast is included with hotel costs. So you need to plan for dinner Friday night , lunch on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, and any snacks/drinks, or Aggieland shirts or gear your player may want as well. The team will pay for dinner on Saturday night up to $15 per player.

Please note that we understand if players have financial issues etc. we don't want to keep anyone from being able to go, we just need to work out a plan. Talk to us personally if you fall into this category. 

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